You Need Vacation

5 Reasons You Need Vacation

People perceive that going on a vacation is a luxury privilege for the financially well-off people. But that’s not the case. I am not rich. You don’t have to be rich to go on a vacation. It takes hard work and dedication to save money to make the vacation become reality. You may travel locally, anywhere within your country, or go abroad. Most employers are generous enough to give you a paid vacation ranging from 5 days to 6 weeks depending on your length of employment and/or seniority. You need vacation. Here are 5 reasons:


You need to rest from daily life demands such as job, family, or other community organizations. You want to catch up some sleep. You want to take a break from the life demands for a week or so. When I went up to Alaska, I found myself actually resting up physically and mentally. It was a very refreshing and something I didn’t realize that I needed it so bad. Take a vacation to rest up and recharge.


You need to recharge yourself. You may run out of creativity on the job. Your performance or productivity on the job may have dwindled down to a mundane automation doing tasks. Your level of motivation may have decreased and not wanting to do anything anymore. Near the end of my vacation, I was ready to go back to work and to be with my children again. So, take a vacation to recharge yourself and re-energize.


After resting up and recharging yourself, you get to re-energize yourself with opportunities to clear up your mind and meditate for improvement. I found myself getting back into hobbies I usually enjoy the most. For example, I picked up a book to read after not be able to read for over a year or so. Or another example, I went back into online training for job improvement offered by my employer. The vacation will help you re-energize and ready to tackle new challenges, goals, or get things done immediately.

Slow down

Big time! The vacation will help you slow down your busyness and meeting up your life demands that mandate your attention and getting things done. It could be running errands with your family. It could be your job that keeps you on the roll meeting goals, deadlines, or demands. Taking a vacation away from home and work will help you unwind everything and slow down. This gives you an opportunity to have an alone time, spend time with your significant other, and/or with your children. When my wife and I went up to Alaska, I was able to slow down and appreciate the nature and to relax with no news from the lower 48. The vacation will help you slow down and to disconnect.


Going on vacation will help you disconnect from everything around you – job, family, social media, or any circumstances. It gives you an opportunity to have a ‘me’ time for the whole week or 2. You get to disconnect, or shut them out, from the reality temporarily.

As a result, that is what I discovered when I went up to Alaska with my wife for our 5th anniversary. It turned out that I definitely needed those badly and now I feel like I’m back to normal and making an effort try new things.

Don’t be afraid to take a vacation. You’ll be glad you did.