Travel bug is real!

When I first went overseas to Europe in 2002, I got to visit England, Spain, and Scotland. It was because I met my skydiving buddy from England who came over to Texas to participate in Deaf World Record 2001 and we kept and remained in touch ever since. He introduced me to some of his deaf friends who are also involved in skydiving. I got the strong impression that I should go to England and skydive with them. I made it happen. Not only that, it opened up the path for me to explore around  England, Spain, and Scotland and made new, awesome friends. It was an ever soul-changing trip.

I thought I’m all good with those 3 countries and satisfied with myself. Man, was I so wrong. I had somebody told me once – you will travel again. They were right! I fell in love with traveling, seeing the world, and meeting people from everywhere. Therefore, a travel bug bit!

Countries I got to visit:

Queensland (Australia)
Germany (in Hamburg during train layover)
the Netherlands

The list of countries I want to visit continues to grow. I have experienced where I am done with traveling for good but that was a temporary moment because I got a travel bug in me.

Indeed, I got to live and work in Italy for 4 months. I never once in my mind that I would end up living and working in Italy because of the language barrier. I have tried to find the employment opportunity in England but to no avail. Because I speak English and I know British Sign Language (BSL).

I cannot wait to share more stories about my visits those countries I listed.


travel bug

Skydiving in Spain, 2002


travel bug

Friends in Italy, 2006


travel bug

Brisbane, Australia, 2004