The Deal

24 May 2006

I found the deal so now the departure date is May 30, 2006 heading out to London on the next day on British Airways with full day layover in London en route Venezia (Venice), Italy on It was a last minute to find the best deal to book the flight online. Challenging. Easy work. Few clicks. Flexibility. Options.


After reading this journal entry, I scratched my head wondering why I wrote like this but I edited to make it more sense. I do remember that day very well. Most of the flights I found were between 1200 and 3000 dollars round trip. Somehow, I found a great deal out to London on British Airways for 700 dollars (I hope I’m correct on this one) so I booked it. I already knew I would find a cheap one-way flight on European airlines so no big deal. It takes time to find the best deal online at a such short notice. It is doable.