Rest Area

Rest Area in London

31 May 06

I  got a sweet deal in London – a 7-hour layover in London where I would call it a rest area to rest up from long flight. I don’t have to haul my luggage around the city during the layover. It was 7.30a and the temperature was 48 degrees Fahrenheit. The cool weather lasted throughout the day without a coat and is much needed. My first stop in London was to go to a small pub for a English Traditional Breakfast – my favorite dish in England – an egg, English bacon, sausage, beans, and a toast. Another thing the Brits call their breakfast – ‘set breakfast’. I found the cafe open which was in Covent Garden because it was so early in the morning. The next stop I want to see that I had missed when I first visited London back in 2002 was Piccadilly Circus which is comparative to Times Square. Unfortunately, streets and sidewalks were empty and no lights at all. Again, it was early in the morning. The following Piccadilly Circus, I strolled around the city. Thames River was the best place to walk along and to relax on a bench to watch the time pass by.

I headed back to Gatwick Airport to catch the Venice-bound flight and I never knew the flight was almost 3 hours. European map can be deceiving but it is a vast continent. I arrived Venice, Italy at 20.50 (8.50p) and ready to deplane, I noticed everybody were putting on their coats. I scratched my head. Man, it was cold outside as I exited the plane and onto the stairs. It was May and it was cold in northern Italy. It is not far from the Dolomite Alps, the Italian Alps. However, I’m told that Vicenza, (pronounced Vee-chen-za) was getting warmer. Vicenza does get cloudy and rain often. I met the hiring manager at the airport who gave me a ride to the house where I will be living in.

I met with a house tenant that I will be living in, in return for house-sitting and dog-sitting for the tenant, for the next 4 months. The tenant had forgotten all the sign language after training to become sign language interpreter. The tenant have a strong passion in art and loves art. Hence, the artist teaches art. When I helped her refresh her memory on sign language, she did pretty well. Furthermore, there’s a dog that lives at the house which is a guard dog but can be aggressive at times. The dog was extremely protective of his territory including the master. We were warming up to each other.


It was very fortunate for me to spend all day in London which is better than nothing. I love London dearly to my heart. I may be American but I prefer living in London over New York City. I have to keep the people I encountered private and cannot reveal their names without permissions. Speaking of weather in May, I had always envisioned that Italy will be warm knowing London will be between cool and cold but nope, northern Italy is pretty much cold and I didn’t have a coat on because it is closer to the pre-Alps and some summits were snow-capped which lasted until June or July. Furthermore, one cool thing about Vicenza is where one fifth of country’s jewelry were made in Vicenza. According to Wikipedia, Vicenza is one of the country’s wealthiest city. I love the city and it is gorgeous! Here’s a picture of Vicenza from where I had lived temporarily.

Vicenza Italy

Vicenza, Italy