Off the Routine Quest

I have always enjoyed talking about my travels and adventures with everybody I encounter who crosses my path. I can be quite talkative when it comes to traveling and playing around. Adventures such as skiing, wakeboarding, skydiving, etc.. And also that makes me an outdoor enthusiast. Somehow, I read an online article in Business Insider about a guy, Johnny Ward, who blogs about his traveling experience at and I never thought about doing the travel blog. Hence, I decided to start my travel & adventure blog to share with everybody, Off the Routine Quest.

The blog will cover many things relating to local, domestic, and international travels, restaurants, and activities that I’ve done far away from home. Not only that, I will include my family along as well because I am married with 2 children. That makes a challenge to continue my lifestyle with a thriving career and a family in my life. We always manage to make it happen and have a memorable experiences as a family. Fortunately, I married to an avid traveler and enjoys outdoor activities.

I will include random blog post that may be unrelated because I feel impressed or important to share with everybody.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.