Who would have thought I would own a Jeep after a close call incident that was way beyond out of my control? Indeed, now I own a Jeep Liberty (KJ) and fell in love with it. I wanted to try off road adventure with my KJ. It may not happen because it is my daily driving with my hearing dog, Millie for now so she can have the space to lay down in the back. We had to get a vehicle right away after my old car’s transmission went out for good.

Close-call Incident

In college, a group of us went down to a border town, Nuevo Laredo, in Mexico to party. When it was time for us to come home, I was asked to be the designated driver because I didn’t drink that night and it was a Jeep Wrangler. I don’t recall if it is YJ or TJ. It was my first experience driving a Wrangler and I thought it was cool and a bit taken aback to find that it had automatic transmission. I thought Wranglers only had manual transmission. When we finally got back to San Antonio, the roads were already wet, which means San Antonio had a good amount of rain. Driving downhill to make a right turn down to the apartment complex on the left, I lightly applied the brakes cautiously because of the wet road and driving downhill. Somehow, the brakes locked up the wheels and went into skidding mode and couldn’t get the Jeep under control. I let go of the brakes and the control of the Jeep was returned back to me. As I got closer to the intersection, I applied the brakes but more carefully but to no avail and locked up the wheels again and skidded through the intersection into another street to the right toward to where the truck was sitting waiting to make a left turn at green light. The Jeep finally came to a stop after skidding and the Wrangler didn’t crash into the front of the truck. The truck and I were only few inches apart. The lady driver in the truck and I stared at each other in disbelief and I apologized immediately. It really scared me and a bit of a shock.

I told myself that I will never own a Jeep at all after the incident.  Thanks to the brakes. I told my friend that I will never drive his Jeep ever again!

That happened about 15 years ago when I was a fresh student starting my college years. Sometimes I wonder if it was an aftermarket braking system or something like that.

Jeep Liberty

Jeep Liberty

2002 Jeep Liberty (KJ)

My wife and I were browsing for used Subaru and Volkswagen Jetta or Passat but hard to snap it up and buy. For some reason, Jeep Liberty for sale caught my eyes and I thought why not check it out for fun. Then I got serious about getting a Jeep Liberty and I don’t know why. We found one and bought it. I love it and I was so eager to look into off-road but I knew it was not going to happen for several reasons. Owning a Jeep did, indeed, change my perspective and made me wonder what it is like to own a Wrangler. To my surprise, Jeep wave is real! When I drove around with my Liberty, I literally want to wave at other Jeep owners like a kid on Christmas day shouting my lungs out, ‘Look! I’m a new Jeep owner” or “Look! I got a Jeep, too!” I wasn’t sure if I should wave or not. I’m afraid that they might look at me like a dork or something like that. Unfortunately, it did happen to me once and got the perplexed look on the somebody’s face when I waved.

I have added ‘Own a lifted Jeep Wrangler’ on my bucket list.

Jeep Clubs in Southern Indiana

There are 2 Jeep clubs in Southern Indiana – Southern Indiana Jeep Milita (SIN-JM) and Evansville Area Jeep (EAJ). I have not got the chance to get out there to meet and greet events yet. But I got to talk to some people from both clubs and will interview with them about their perspective, hobby, and their Jeep Life and to go on a ride-along with some of them at off-roading events. You can find them on Facebook – SIN-JM and Evansville Area Jeep. Please stay tuned.