Jeep Wave

Jeep Wave

When I first bought my first Jeep Liberty (KJ), I was real excited and wanted to share with other Jeep owners. Unfortunately, Liberty is not a Wrangler version. But Jeep is Jeep in my mind or I would like to think so.

I literally wanted to wave at other Jeep owners of all models and I never knew about the traditional Jeep Wave among Wrangler owners. It is mostly because I felt like a kid on a Christmas day. I want to throw in that it’s my first 4-wheel SUV as well. I decided not to wave because I didn’t want to look corny or some weirdo from the wrong side of town.

After joining SIN-JM Facebook group, they were talking about Jeep Wave and I am surprised that it actually exists. But nobody waves at me which is odd. It’s a wave from Wrangler to Wrangler. Sadly but true, some Wrangler owners don’t even get it and don’t wave back or worse, they cuss out for the compliment such as “Nice Jeep” or waving for apparently no reason.

I’m glad I do get it. I’m glad to know that Jeep Wave actually exists! And it would be nice if Wrangler owners could wave at all Jeep owners to see the face of non-Wrangler owners wondering why they’re getting the wave.

True story, I was on my way to work, I spotted a Wrangler coming up the road on the opposite of me so I mustered up and waved at him. He gave me the perplexed look wondering why I’m waving at him. What’s funnier is that the Jeep had SIN-JM sticker on it.

Um, I think I better hold back the Jeep Wave for now until I own a Wrangler.


jeep wave

Jeep Wave – credit: unknown