I would prefer Italia over Italy because it sound Italian. I’ve traveled to 10 countries backpacking and on eurorail so I’m going to start with Italy first because it is one of my biggest milestone and a dream to visit Italy since I was a child for many different reasons. Never once thought that I would end up living and working in Italy for the US Army in Vicenza. Sure, there were hurdles to gaining employment overseas for different reasons and being deaf is one of them but I made it happen with EEO specialist’s help. The Garrison Commander was really concerned about it because of the language and culture hurdles and almost prevented me from gaining employment there. My previous traveling experience in Europe prior coming to Italy have been a huge help in gaining employment. I’m grateful for this opportunity.


Marc in Firenze, Italia

I have a whole bunch of stories to share about my 4 months that I always talk about it. I’ve been once told that I talked too much at work-related training with an interpreter. I will have pictures to share but I do not have pictures from US Army Garrison due to force protection guidelines.

I will also share my digital journal that I luckily saved from my old website. I will post one journal a week under Throwback Thursday starting this week. And also I will have more stories to share when it pops up to my mind as well.

Some of you may be wondering, how did I end up getting a job in Italy with US Army despite my deafness? Here it is, I was recruited by EEO specialist through Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) under Department of Labor agency. It takes one question to ask the interviewier, “Is it possible to get a job overseas around the world?” Indeed, the interviewer said yes, anything is possible.

Now that I have said it because I’m excited to share about Italy for the next few weeks.