For Security Reasons

For Security Reasons

22 May 2006

It may be for security reasons but I may be wrong. I wonder what took so long to receive my passport and mission visa. Today is the day the official passport and visa had arrived (I already have a tourist passport). I waited for probably 4 to 6 weeks. I lost track on how long it took to complete the processing. And I declared the date of Entrance On Duty (EOD) on May 15, 2006. But the official EOD was June 5, 2006.

Now I am waiting for the departure date.


It took a long time to get all the appropriate documentation and visa before I can start working in Italy. There is a good possibility that the Army, the issuer, might have expedited the service with the Italian Consulate. But at least everything is taken care of and moved my EOD to June. I was wanting to spend a long summer in Italy. Furthermore, I don’t know why it took so long – it could be for security reasons such as background check or throughout everything on the application and federal employee documentation.