Boarding the plane for London

30 May 06

I realized I forgot few things on the way to Houston International Airport (IAH). The items are rain coat, toothpaste (very typical for me), booking code for Italy-bound flight, and some other stuff. After boarding the plane and taking off the American soil, I relaxed on British Airways cruising all the way to London overnight. I caught some naps and watched some films. It would be nice if British Airways could include subtitles in films that I had watched, children’s play area, or bed rental on hourly basis to lay down during the flight.


It is perfectly normal for travelers like myself to forget few things when packing. Whatever the items you forgot, you’ll get it at your destination. I enjoyed flying British Airways and the corporate culture differs from Virgin Atlantic, great vibes, when I flew out to Europe for the first time in 2002. Additionally, I got to fly on Boeing 777 since I have flown different types of airplanes ranging from Cessna 152 to Boeing 747-400 including Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. I would like to fly on Boeing 787 and Airbus A380. Not much going on that day but cruising over the skies for about 7 hours.