Alaskan Cruise

Alaskan Cruise

Who would have thought it’s happening so soon? I didn’t quite expect that we are going to Alaska on a cruise that soon because I was anticipating sometime in my 40s or 50s is when I will have the opportunity to visit Alaska to do whole bunch of outdoor activities. I wanted to do salmon & halibut fishing, go dog-sledding out in interior remote Alaska, and hike/climb up the Denali mountains. There’s plenty of stuff to do in Alaska that I couldn’t afford to pass it up in my lifetime.

This is going to be a spectacular vacation for me and my wife because September 4th is our 5th anniversary and we toyed with the idea of going to Florida or New York City but we couldn’t find lodging accommodations during that time frame. So we then explored Germany and found that the lodging accommodations are at a great distance from major cities with limited activities to do and is available in December. That will take the quality time away from families. We passed it up. My wife suggested we look into Alaskan cruise, we jumped on board and decided this is the vacation we want! We started planning from there.

I came to a realization is that I’ve worked so hard at my work, getting projects done, maintaining & managing other projects, and chasing our children and maintaining our home. It’s time to take a break from reality and to spend time with my wife for 2 weeks. We both needed the vacation to ourselves.

I have found that reaching a common ground with my wife together is so much easier rather than making the decision for everybody. It is about what we all want together. And also to compromise on what we want to do as well. That is what marriage is all about. There’s ‘we’ in our marriage when we want to spend time together.

Please stay tuned for more updates on our Alaskan cruise.