About Marc

Marc rappelling in Israel, 2003

About Marc Rubin

A guy has another cool name is Marco Marc.
A guy who have broken ears.
A guy who lives in Southern Indiana/Louisville Metro.
A guy who is a Software Developer.
A guy who is an avid traveler
A guy who is an outdoor enthusiast
A guy who has love of snow, water, and mountains

Growing up in the U.S. Air Force community, I got to live in South Carolina, Arizona, California, and Texas and to see different places on road trips. When I entered into the Federal service, I got to live in Italy, Washington, D.C., and Southern Indiana.

I got the travel bug at a much young age and I was exposed to England and Italy from the people I knew went to. Fascinated with the old buildings, monuments, and different way of life, I dreamt of going overseas to see the world. I made it happen and went to England, Spain, and Scotland for 4 weeks to travel and skydive back in 2002. After my first overseas trip, I visited 7 more countries including a summer job in Italy for 4 months.

About adventures, I was introduced to skiing before I reached 7 years old. At that age, I went to Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area in Flagstaff, AZ on my first skiing trip. The ski school where they were supposed to give me a head start on downhill skiing but didn’t do me good due to lack of communication and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Man, I was scared to death when I looked down the hill after getting off the chairlift.  I skied down once. I believe that type of exposure to sports had led me to participate in other sports. And also I always try something new to see if I like it or not – always curious and experiment something.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I got this from Boy Scout I was in and learned some things that became part of me and be able to use it to this day when I go participate in outdoor activities – camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

About Marc

Marc hiking in Israel, 2003

Once you are exposed to activities or circumstances, it becomes part of you and you just do it for no reason. You may go inactive for long time but it is still in you like a small fire awaiting to become a bigger fire.