Welcome to Off the Routine Quest

I want to introduce you to my blog here on the home page, Off the Routine Quest is a blog about me who traveled around the world having visited 10 countries and around parts of USA as well. I also lived in 6 states and Italy which gave me a different lifestyle exposures and perspective about people, customs, and cultures.

Home page

Marc cuddling Koala

I hope to leave you a good impression about my passion to see the world beyond my boundaries. When you start reading the blog, please begin with the first blog post, Off the Routine Quest, and go from there. This is a good start. Additionally, I want to share with you to enhance and improve your traveling experiences such as tips, budget ideas, etc.

I may not be able to travel as much like I used to because I settled with with my wife and started a family. Fortunately, I married to an avid traveler and we find ways to make traveling and adventures happen with our family. This should not stop us from enjoying our lives. The only thing that is stopping us is if we sit around waiting for a moment to happen. It’s either we make it happen or we don’t make it happen. That means it’s your choice whether to make it happen or not.

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